Sales Automation Powered by A.I.Sales Assistant  

What is Sales Automation?

Automation is when technology resolves processes and procedures with minimal human help. Sales Automation is the application of this technology to improve sales strategies.

Sales Automation serves as a compliment for any team size or sales strategy that works with a CRM. Automating your Sales Strategy is crucial for productivity and focus of your team. Automate recurring and manual tasks, removing unnecessary noise.  

What is an A.I.-Powered Sales Assistant?

A.I.-Powered Sales Assistant comes in as a strategic sales-pipeline improvement solution. Running on the background and managing your workflows and lead journey with precision. Focusing on:

  • Reduced admin tasks and follow-ups
  • Increased facetime with high-value prospects
  • Never lose an opportunity through the cracks, no lead will go untouched. 
  • High-quality interactions based on machine learning qualifications
  • More time for development and mindful strategy to target specifics accounts.

Deeploop’s platform delivers, and here is how:

Increased Sales Activity

Achieve outstanding performance automating emails, follow-ups, sequences, CRM updates, calendar bookings and more. Our Sales automation platform reduces up to 50% of the time your team spends on manual tasks every day.

Deeploop understands not every team works and communicates the same. Set the tone for how you manage your workflows and in no time our system is able to capture it and replicate. Continuous interaction translates into your most effective result yet.

Efficient Lead, Workflow, and Funnel Management

Create symbiosis between Marketing & Sales. Capture leads from marketing to engage, qualify and move them into sales-qualify leads. Turning marketing leads into sales quota and delivering precision insight to marketing.

When a lead becomes a high-value prospect, your sales executive will be ready to come in for face-time. Removing the time spent qualifying and with lead discovery.

The A.I. engages with leads, getting them ready for live interaction. Any, not sales-ready leads, continue on their own path as a marketing-qualify lead, placed on hold for later or reaching the end of the road. This all is happening behind the scenes.

Managing Inbound, Outbound & Account-Based Sales

Removing the uncertainty from your sales executive's day can make a big difference. As a manager having visibility of your team's performance is pivotal for success. Manage your Inbound and Outbound leads like a pro, without the added effort.

Tracking every lead end-to-end from origination to conclusion. Getting in front of sales-ready leads through personalized, automated sequences of messages & calls. Managing your prospects is a stress-free task with a bi-directional CRM sync.

Forget about having to find a needle in a haystack. Deeploop organizes and streamlines your leads for each workflow and sequences.

Optimize your Account-Based Sales to how you envision your tailor strategy and let the A.I on auto-pilot. Access the account-based data to benchmark your strategy performance. Reaching more of your prospects in less time without compromising conversational quality.

Human-like Conversations

Some days you get into work and you are a machine, you are on top of your tasks, reply to every message and even plan your week. Unfortunately, this is not the case every day of the year.

For years, sales experts have looked at areas where automation can come into play. This has resulted in templates and cookie cutter-like responses to everyday communications. The problem with that is that these become more and more detached and complicated. Doing so has resulted in reduced time but lost the quality of communication.

At one point or another, we have all wished there was a better way, and there is. Deeploop A.I.-Powered Sales Assistant responds to all communications, keeping human-like interactions. The A.I. shows the best response, tracks contact changes, manages workflows, sets reminders and appointments and will never miss a task.

Set some time to talk to one of our executives and see for yourself how easy it is to work with an A.I Sales Assistant.

When is your team ready for A.I.-Powered Sales Assistant

As soon as you are ready to become highly effective and increase your revenue with a solid platform. Our team is ready to answer any questions and demonstrate how our A.I-Powered Sales Assistant can set you apart from the competition. [Book a meeting].


Our platform manages and maximizes your team’s productivity, accuracy to close, increases ROI while significantly reducing the time spent on admin tasks. You are in control of how much your Sales Assistant learns and produces. (of how your A.I. engages, qualifies and responds to your potential clients with easy todo customization of messages).

Optimization of your sales operations is the way to success. A.I.-powered tools can set you apart from your competition. It also gives you time back for team development, market growth, and building strategy.

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