What is Deeploop

What is Deeploop

Its an Automation task manager for all sales processes integrated into your CRM to maximize and augmentate your reach and team’s performance. Deeploop is what you wish your CRM could actually do.

Here are some of the areas where Deeploop comes in and acts as the perfect sales assistant to support your sales efforts, clean admin tasks and produce increased revenue for your company.


We start at the edge of where Marketing efforts join Sales to help through the transition of leads, engaging and qualifying every lead. Providing better insights for advancing marketing strategies. Deeploop automated process management will deliver sales-ready leads directly to your sales reps.

Close the gap with all the data your Marketing and Sales team need for process improvement and better lead acquisition. Giving you a true understanding of your market, audience, and prospects.

Inbound Sales

Managing Inbound leads is a breeze with real-time sync with your CRM. Deeploop works in alignment with your CRM, translating into a seamless transition of your inbound leads into a qualification that works on auto-pilot. You will never miss communication or have leads up in the air. 

Deeploop does all the digging for you, leaving any guessing or manual work as a thing of the past. Work with our platform, interact and observe how it learns back from you and executes you every command. Set up workflows, sequences and determine how and when they reach your sales reps.

Our platform takes care of the marketing hand-over, plus the initial leg work your sales rep would have to trigger to qualify a lead. Deeploop will even give you visibility on the most common questions for your business, learn from your responses and create snippets from the best performing interactions.

Outbound Sales

Work on your Outbound leads to get the most meetings. Set personalized, automated sequences for messages or calls. Our system will keep track of conversational outcomes and take care of booking your meetings. 

With bi-directional CRM sync, your sales reps can take back hours of admin tasks to focus on the customer interactions, development or even market research to increase your business reach.

Account-Based Sales

If you are focusing on Account-Based Sales, Deeploop’s platform optimizes how you manage and proceed for those targeted accounts through account-based analytics.

With a complete view of all account-level data to benchmark strategy performance, you can confidently place your account-based sales strategy on auto-pilot, knowing that our system is designed to learn and adjust to your business requirements. Our platform can manage multiple conversations for the same account tenfold what one sales rep would be able to.

Stale Leads

Revive the long list of leads that have fallen into CRM ghost-town and get new customers you never thought you had. Deeploop will re-engage those leads to slowly move them up your workflows, nurturing and qualifying them up to the moment they are ready for your sales reps.

Work like a team twice your size! We mean it. Deeploop will take care of all of those lost in the CRM sea leads and work them up, making sure every single one is taken care of while still working on your fresher leads.

Revenue Farming

Deeploop will also get you unexpected closed deals from revenue farming. Set your A.I. to work on leads you don’t have time for. Deliver quality meetings to your sales reps directly to their calendar from low return lead pool. 

With the A.I. running at your command, you will cover all your revenue fronts in ways you didn’t have time for before.


Our team is ready to demonstrate how Deeploop works, schedule a Demo today or start a Free Trial and take it for a drive.

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