Our A.I.

Human-Like Conversations

Engage your leads with true 1-to-1 conversations. Because Marketing emails just don't do the job.

Handle +30 common conversation events: contact me later, OOTO, referral given etc
Autonomously understand replies and take relevant Actions
Automate responses to recurrent questions with the Knowledge Base
Let your AI qualify your leads by following your sales processes to the point

Lightning Fast On-Boarding

On-board within minutes, not days. No training required.

No migration. Have your workflows setup directly from previous campaigns.
No training. Deeploop Portal ensures your team hits the ground running.
No know-how. Our success team and playbook library will get you to close deals.
In no time. Connect an inbox and you're ready to go!

Already Trained & Knowledgeable

No lengthy training. Deeploop's AI engine comes trained from millions of conversations already analyzed.
While pre-trained Deeploop continues to learn and adapt to your organizations lingo and sales situations
Easily teach Deeploop new skills on the fly

Always in Control

Follows your guidelines. Deeploop is trained from your past interactions: Expected but beyond expectations!
Monitor and get notifications of what happens
When the AI isn't sure on how to deal with a situation, it is handed-off to your team. Deeploop will pick this up and is trained by your team directly.

Sell like a Team Twice Your Size

Take your sales engagement to the next level today.

Free trial, -quick on-boarding, taylor-made pricing

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