Account Based Sales

Deeploop is the only platform that will allow you to execute your Account Based Sales Strategies.

Engage Contacts Sequentially:

  • Start Engaging Targeted Account:
    Reach out to 1st Lead
  • If no response after a few days: 
    Reach out to next one
  • If no response:
    Reach out to next...
  • Etc.

Execute your Account Based Strategy Seamlessly

Execute your Strategy

Deeploop allows you to engage your leads one by one. Implement & execute your account based strategy: reach out to the most important people first, then expand to the rest of the team.

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Manage Successful Accounts

Stop the Campaign when the Account is Successful

Deeploop engages your contacts in your targeted account one by one. When one of them engage successfully with you or your team, Deeploop will automatically remove the other contacts in the account from their sequences to avoid sending emails to other team members while you are already talking with someone.

Automate Prospecting

Notify your Prospecting Team when the Account needs New Leads

Deeploop will reach out to all contacts in your targeted accounts, one by one to avoid talking to 2 persons at the same time accidentally.

You (or your prospecting team) will get notified if no one in the account responded. Deeploop will automatically send information to your prospecting team so that they can get more leads to put into the sequences for your targeted accounts.

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Some of our other great features...

While Deeploop is the best candidate to automate your sequences of emails, it can do much more. A snippet of its capabilities below:
LinkedIn Messages

Emails are great. Multichannel (LinkedIn + Calls + Emails) is even better! Include LinkedIn touch-points in your automated sequences, and achieve even better conversion rates.

Smart Calling

Instead of calling randomly people through the day, call them at the right time. Deeploop can trigger a phone call when the leads is active (3 email opens or website visits).

Automatic Triggers

Automatically trigger sequences on sign-up leads or leads matching certain conditions in your CRM, automatically send back unresponsive leads to marketing, and much more.

Smart Lead Dispatching

Setup rules so that Deeploop automatically assign your leads to different reps or different sequences. For instance you could have 2 different sequences, for 2 different personas. Deeploop automatically does the dispatching.

CRM Sync

Keep your CRM totally in sync without any effort with Deeploop true bidirectional sync. Every messages sent by Deeploop is logged into your CRM, as well as all the tasks, leads, and info extracted by the A.I.

Custom Workflows

Deeploop is built from the ground up to be customizable and fit your every needs. Build custom workflows, chain sequences, create your own triggers, and much more.

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