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A phone call with the right lead, at the right time, can close a deal.
Deeploop is the only solution that will tell you what lead to call and when.
One-Click Dialing,
Call with VOIP

Call your leads on your web browser in 1 click from our dedicated interface. Match their phone number with a local ID number to increase pick-up rate by 30%.

Stop Cold Calling,
Start Smart Calling

Deeploop track and captures when a lead shows some positive engagement (such as a website (re)visit, link click, email open and more). Get notified in seconds and get on the phone with your leads while they are active.

Team Analytics &

Get access to team analytics and compare how your reps are performing. Calls can be recorded and save on the cloud.

Call in 1-click the Right Lead,
at the Right Time

Join the hundreds of great companies around the world that revolutionized their sales department using Deeploop!

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10X your Contact rates

Stop Cold Calling,
Start Smart Calling

Catch lead at the right time and with the right message. Don't wait for the competition to out-stripe you. Call them when:

3 Seconds After Sign-Up
Increase your Conversion Rates by 300% by calling leads seconds only after they sign-up.
While (Re)Visiting Your Website
Catch leads while they are visiting your website. Catch them before your competitors do.
After Multiple Email Opens
Don't waste time on unqualified leads. Call only those that opened your emails, while they view your email.

Some of our other great features...

While Deeploop is the best candidate to automate your sequences of emails, it can do much more. A snippet of its capabilities below:
Emails + Calls + More

Emails are great. Multichannel (LinkedIn + Calls + Emails) is even better! Mix up your phone calls with email and LinkedIn touch-points in your automated sequences, and achieve even higher conversion rates.

Multiple Notifications

Never miss a hot lead by getting notified of their activity in real time. Deeploop connects to all your favorite mediums, such as: email, SMS, chrome/browser notifications, Slack...

Automatic Triggers

Automatically trigger sequences on sign-up leads or leads matching certain conditions in your CRM, automatically send back unresponsive leads to marketing, and much more.

Smart Lead Dispatching

Setup rules so that Deeploop automatically assign your leads to different reps or different sequences. For instance you could have Deeploop automatically split your leads equally between the different reps in your team.

CRM Sync

Keep your CRM totally in sync without any effort with Deeploop true bidirectional sync. Every messages sent by Deeploop is logged into your CRM, as well as all the tasks, leads, and info extracted by the A.I.

Custom Workflows

Deeploop is built from the ground up to be customizable and fit your every needs. Build custom workflows, chain sequences, create your own triggers, and much more.

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