Smarten up with A.I. Analytics

Pipeline analysis beyond email opens and clicks that provides targeted insights to lift sales output.

Analytics & Reporting

Advancing Your Sales Execution Starts With Actionable Data

Conversation analytics
Task & Call analytics
Custom analytics events
Prospect Insights

Understand Your Customers

Clustered conversation analytics
Questions and pushback statistics
Lead scoring based on conversation quality
Customize timeframes, lead segments and processes

Automated Optimization

Self-Improving Pipelines

Real-time monitoring and analysis
Benchmarking of every component in a Sequence
Actionable insights on improvement potential: Detect weak links
Automatic best time and day sending optimization
Insights on team performance by lead type and pipeline stage
Journey Analytics

End-to-end Analytics For Pipelines

Track every lead end to end from origination to conclusion
Actionable data for your entire pipeline, beyond sales-only data
Understand and improve on critical lifecycle milestones
Provide key metrics for collaboration between marketing and sales
Get a better understanding of sales cylce length

Sell like a Team Twice Your Size

Take your sales engagement to the next level today.

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