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Measuring Your Sales Team Performance - What to Measure

How many metrics are you tracking? Even though sometimes it feels like tracking performance is meant for performance reviews, business financial assessments and just another task on your list. Being able to measure your performance allows you to manage it. So how do you measure your team’s performance? With sales metrics that allow you, as a manager to use your intuition and previous learning to steer in the right direction. Working towards reducing loss or errors.

5 Features your Sales Automation Solution Should Bring to the Table

Sales Automation happens when a manual or recurring task executes with little human interaction. For example, setting a rule on your inbox to move all incoming correspondence from a certain address to a specific folder. You are the one telling your email what needs to happen, once, after that, the system takes over and executes.

Sales Automation Powered by A.I.Sales Assistant  

Automation is when technology resolves processes and procedures with minimal human help. Sales Automation is the application of this technology to improve sales strategies. Sales Automation serves as a compliment for any team size or sales strategy that works with a CRM. Automating your Sales Strategy is crucial for productivity and focus of your team. Automate recurring and manual tasks, removing unnecessary noise.