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Existing processes, enhanced. New processes, enabled. Leading-edge sales execution with an A.I. workforce.

"Deeploop allows us to create a better relationship between our marketing & sales teams. Marketing metrics are seamlessly converted into sales quotas: Prospects are engaged, qualified & delivered as Sales Qualified Leads to our sales. Bravo!"
Scott – MediaMint

Bridge Marketing & Sales

Create symbiosis between Marketing & Sales by providing better data to Marketing and better leads to Sales.

Let A.I. engage & qualify every marketing-generated prospect
Deliver only ready-to-buy leads to your sales reps
Use data to back up the interest leads are showing
Better insights for advancing marketing strategies, beyond volume of leads
Inbound Sales

Lead Qualification on Auto-Pilot

Never miss a hot lead or make her wait
Coordinated with your marketing automation setup
Script your ideal qualification procedure and let the A.I. run it
Automate leads' Q&A and get report on most asked questions
Ensure your sales reps get ready-to-buy leads and reach out immediately
"Deeploop boosted our inbound to phone call conversion rate by a factor 3x. Their A.I. automates our conversations with leads, extracts critical data from email replies and follows up persistently. No leads go missing, sales cycles shortened, conversion rates boosted!"
Mitch – Home61
"Since Deeploop powers our outbound, we were able to automate our lead qualification pipeline while easily freeing 50% of our reps time. Time we re-invest into closing deals, generating new strategies and ideas as well as other activities with direct impact on revenue."
Seann –
Outbound Sales

Get More Meetings with A.I. Automation

Personalized, automated Sequences of messages & calls
Schedule more meetings effortlessly
Automate reactions to leads' responses
Bi-directional CRM sync
Account Based Sales

ABS Execution That Delivers

Optimize how you cater to your target accounts through account based analytics
Put your ABS strategy on auto-pilot
Get the account-level data to benchmark strategy performance
Proactive A.I. handles multiple conversations within same account
"A few weeks after the on-boarding, we noticed stark differences thanks to Deeploop's execution of our Account Based Sales: Reps' daily chores were automated, AE inefficiencies were converted into productivity, Operations & Managers have access to deeper analytics to understand their leads."
David – Tenbound
"Deeploop helps us find hidden gems in our lead database. And it's been awesome! I have calls popping up in my calendar with leads I haven't touched in more than 12 months. Since Deeploop I've probably tripled my meetings."
Jon - Coffee Labs
Stale Leads

Re-discover Forgotten Revenue

CRMs turn into a graveyard of lost and stale leads over time. Deeploop tirelessly works forgotten leads in the dephts of your data stash.

Let your A.I. engage or re-engage leads you don't have the time to handle
Deliver qualified opportunities and calls to your team
Discover new customers you never knew you had
Revenue Farming

Unexpected Revenue from Undertouched Leads

Your A.I. engages leads you don't have time for
Tap into low return on investment lead pools that aren't worth your team's time
Deliver quality meetings right to your team's calendar
"All my daily mundane duties are now automated. Deeploop Portal seamlessly gives me my tasks for the day so I don't have to worry about forgetting something. Deeploop managed making sales more fun while increasing our revenue!"
Mickael – Reflik

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